School Buses



Stella Maris children travel on buses from Bayes Coachlines or Ritchies Bus Services (for rural transport).

If your child will be catching the bus to and from school on permanent, set days you are asked to complete a bus form. This information is held at the school office and in the classroom on the bus sheet.

If you would like your child to catch the bus home on an occasional basis or if you wish to make a change to the regular schedule you are asked to contact the school 09 427 9189 to notify us of the change, whether it be to add or remove a child from the bus, please do this before 2.00 pm, or you can make note of this on the daily bus changes sheet (held at the school reception).

The bus bell rings at 2.40 pm at which time children are collected from the class by a bus monitor and taken to the school hall, from here they are supervised and taken to their bus.

Bayes bus routes and charges (below). For enquiries please phone 09 426 5504. or visit

For Ritchies Buses please contact 09 420 6091