Parent, Teacher & Friends Association (PTFA)

Parent, Teacher & Friends Association (PTFA)

The PTFA is a lot of fun and through the annual events the team experience a great sense of satisfaction supporting our children and our school to grow. Everyone is welcome to be part of the team as the PTFA relies on the wider community of Stella Maris family, friends and teachers to volunteer their time and support to make every initiative a great success.

The objectives of this group as per our constitution is to achieve the following:

  • To promote community with home, school and friends
  • Support the school to foster a Catholic Character
  • Keep parents and friends informed of key activities & needs of the school, teachers and students
  • Raise funds to support the operation and development of the school
  • Provide service support at school events and activities
  • To offer pastoral support and care to for our school community
  • Be part of a growing and developing our school for our children now and for the future

Every year the PTFA sets a fund raising target and decides on the core fund raising activities. Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly meetings to discuss our goals and help organise events.

Committee members 2018

Chair:  Roxy Pringle

Secretary:  Michelle Wyatt

Treasurer:  Christina McKee Wright

Pastoral Care:  Kelly McColl

Support & Special Services (Text Angels):  Nicole Bayly

Fundraising Co-ordinator – Kelly McColl

Staff Rep – Kathie Bodle

 Other Services

2nd Hand Uniforms – Helen Searanke

Stella Stars Playgroup – Kelly McColl and Millie Sweetman

 PTFA Monthly Forums Refer to school calendar

Come join us once a month at 7.15pm in the school staffroom. Exact dates are subject to change and will always be posted in the school newsletters and communicated via your classroom text angel. See Mark your diary, back of newsletter. All Welcome.

Diary of Events 2019 and Give Us 5

Mothers Day Mini Photo Sessions 2019